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The vlaisogonia, the high position of the patella, the relaxation of the medial ligament kathektikon the shallow femoral trochlea, the patella is hypoplastic, the hypoplastic lateral femoral condyle are some of the predisposing factors leading to kathexin dislocation of the patella – instability. The 15% – 20% of cases of acute traumatic dislocation of the patella, switched to recurrent dislocation.The treatment of this disease, most cases leads to where surgery comprising:
easing out kathektikon links and stapling folding through kathektikon links, and
medial patellofemoral reconstruction liaison mini – open technique.



What is the procedure before surgery;
Performed to prepare for surgery. Performed x-rays, blood tests and ECG. Take a complete medical history with emphasis on cardiac and respiratory problems, allergies or previous surgery. Becomes final check by a cardiologist and anaisthisiologo.I process is usually done a few hours before surgery.

required keeping patients in the hospital;

The patient may have been discharged on the same day.

What kind of anesthesia required;

This is determined in consultation with the anesthesiologist or regional case may be, or general anesthesia.

What is the recovery time after surgery;

full refund in competitions ranging from 3-4 months.

There are risks after surgery;

The complication rate arthroscopy is less than 1% when performed by trained orthopedic surgeons.

Online Consultation

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